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Waders v's Gumboots

Landscape photographers venture into all kinds of harsh environments... from snake infested long grasses to freezing cold mountain streams. 

With what will probably be our shortest equipment review ever, here we put waders and gumboots to the ultimate scientific test.....

ladies bath falls eurobin creek mt buffalo victoria


The result... Waders ONE - Gumboots ZERO!

End of Review

Ok so I am having a bit of fun here, but in all honesty I have to say that waders are the best $50 that a landscape photographer can spend!

They not only provide a reasonable amount of protection from the creepy crawly critters in swamps and grasses, but they also provide access to some unique locations and some pretty unique points of view.

Here is a 6:24 format, 360 degree Wide Field Panorama as shot from the middle of the rock pool....

ladies bath falls eurobin creek mt buffalo victoria you don't see that everyday!




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