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  • Weatherworn (Bogong, Victoria)"Weatherworn"
  • The Old Police Camp (Arrowtown, New Zealand.)"The Old Police Camp"
  • The Police Hut (Arrowtown, New Zealand.)"The Police Hut"
  • The Night Before Christmas (Seefeld, Austria)"The Night Before Christmas"
  • Stirling Guardian (Mt Stirling, Victorian High Country)"Stirling Guardian"
  • Beechmont Storm (Beechmont, QLD)"Beechmont Storm"
  • The Serpent's Lair (Killarney Glen, Beechmont, QLD.)"The Serpent's Lair"
  • Fall Into Darkness (Killarney Glen, Beechmont, QLD.)"Fall Into Darkness"
  • Munsie Bridge in Snow (Gostwyck, NSW)"Munsie Bridge in Snow"
  • A Winter Treat (Gostwyck, NSW)"A Winter Treat"
  • Autumn Solitude (Howqua River, Mount Buller Region, Victoria)"Autumn Solitude"
  • Three Farm Sheds (Near Lost World, QLD.)"Three Farm Sheds"
  • Over The Hill (Near Canungra, QLD.)"Over The Hill"
  • Pickerings Delight (Howqua River, Mount Buller Region, Victoria)"Pickerings Delight"
  • Poplars On River Bend (Howqua River, VIC)"Poplars On River Bend"
  • Autumn at Pickering's Hut (Howqua River, VIC)"Autumn at Pickering's Hut"
  • Last Warming Rays (Craig's Hut, Mt. Stirling. VIC)"Last Warming Rays"
  • Quiet On The Set (Craig's Hut, Mt. Stirling, VIC)"Quiet On The Set"
  • Greeting the Dawn (Craig's Hut, Mt. Stirling, VIC)"Greeting the Dawn"
  • First Light, Craig's Hut (Alpine National Park, VIC)"First Light, Craig's Hut"
  • Autumn Retreat (Howqua River, VIC)"Autumn Retreat"
  • Highland Gold (Kosciuszko National Park, NSW)"Highland Gold"
  • A Simple Country Sunset (Kingaroy, QLD.)"A Simple Country Sunset"
  • The Farmer's Shed (Near Gatton, QLD.)"The Farmer's Shed"
  • The Old Austin (Mt. Alford, QLD)"The Old Austin"
  • Ethereous (Gostwyck, New South Wales)"Ethereous"
  • Last Light On Draining Rock (Tenterfield High Country, NSW)"Last Light On Draining Rock"
  • Condamine River Road (Near Killarney, Queensland)"Condamine River Road"
  • Crossing #1 (Condamine River, QLD)"Crossing #1"
  • Gostwyck Fogs (Gostwyck, NSW)"Gostwyck Fogs"
  • Armidale Driveway (Armidale Outskirts, NSW)"Armidale Driveway"
  • Her Red Dress On (Gostwyck, NSW)"Her Red Dress On"
  • Bathed in Colour (Bogong Village, Victorian High Country)"Bathed in Colour"
  • A Divided View (Gostwyck, NSW)"A Divided View"
  • An Autumn Lane (Gostwyck, NSW)"An Autumn Lane"
  • Old Gordonbrook Fence (Near Kingaroy, QLD)"Old Gordonbrook Fence"
  • Sunflowers (Near Killarney, QLD)"Sunflowers"
  • The Cattle Yard (Carr's Lookout, QLD)"The Cattle Yard"
  • The Gostwyck Bridge (Gostwyck, NSW)"The Gostwyck Bridge"
  • Golden Highlights (Lake Moogerah, QLD)"Golden Highlights"
  • Mt. Wellington Lookout (Hobart, TAS)"Mt. Wellington Lookout"
  • Autumn Tree (The High Country, VIC.)"Autumn Tree"
  • Foggy Gostwyck Sunrise (Gostwyck, NSW)"Foggy Gostwyck Sunrise"
  • Burra Homestead (Burra, SA.)"Burra Homestead"
  • Eucalypt Forest (Beaudesert, QLD)"Eucalypt Forest"
  • The Sunset Tree (Near Jimboomba, QLD)"The Sunset Tree"
  • Bindegolly Trees (Lake Bindegolly, Far South West QLD)"Bindegolly Trees"
  • Kyabra Windmill (Near Kyabra, QLD)"Kyabra Windmill"
  • Kyabra Waterhole (Near Eromanga, QLD)"Kyabra Waterhole"
  • The Flood Effected Tree (Nymboida River, NSW Australia.)"The Flood Effected Tree"
  • River Gums (Injune, QLD)"River Gums"
  • A Warm Country Sunrise (Near Beaudesert, QLD)"A Warm Country Sunrise"
  • Lake Maraboon Sunset (Near Emerald, QLD.)"Lake Maraboon Sunset"

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