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Our Mounts & Frames

While our premium Floating Acrylic Mounts and Desktop Frames are available for purchase via this online gallery, we offer traditional Matte & Frame presentation options by personal quotation.

Floating Acrylic:

We believe this mounting system to be the very best image mounting system currently available. It has been extremely popular in Europe for a number of years and AustralianLight is proud to be one of the first Australian galleries to be offering this premium product as standard.

Each print is professionally face-mounted behind optically clear acrylic and is backed with an aluminium composite panel for strength. An aluminium sub-frame is then attached for further strengthening and hanging.

While our Floating Acrylic Mounts include decorative image mattes and are Ready To Hang, they are also Ready To Frame.

Once framed, they take on the traditional "matte & frame" look, while maintaining the additional benefits of the Floating Acrylic mounting system....  

  • images are locked away from the harmful effects of the air and this greatly adds to their archival lifespan.
  • added safety of acrylic over glass.
  • ultra smooth finish of the aluminium mount.
  • the ability to hang without a frame for a crisp modern look.
  • wall bracket hanging system that ensures no movement once hung

We understand that the addition of a frame will remain the popular choice, so our web site offers a selection of mouldings to cover the most popular needs.  We are not limited to these however and should you require something specific, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are unsure about what frame will suit your application, then we are happy to supply unframed and for you to use your local frame shop, as they will often provide sample mouldings to aid your decision.


Note: Gallery Frame Previews are simulations and are not to scale - they are intended as a guide to colour combinations only. Please visit our mouldings page for a more accurate representation of frame moulds, colours and textures.

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