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Victorian Landscape Photography

Although our Victorian Landscape gallery is still relatively small, now that Bernie is based in lovely Melbourne, AustralianLight has been putting in the effort to capture as much of the state as possible.

The below images are all shot within Victoria. If you're looking for images taken throughout the big land of Australia, please visit our homepage and browse through the available image categories. Alternatively, use the category listing on the right hand side of this page to view more images.

  • A Fond Farewell"A Fond Farewell"
  • Ascension"Ascension"
  • Autumn at Pickering's Hut"Autumn at Pickering's Hut"
  • Autumn Retreat"Autumn Retreat"
  • Barren Highlands"Barren Highlands"
  • Bathed in Colour"Bathed in Colour"
  • Beauchamp Falls"Beauchamp Falls"
  • Blue Monday"Blue Monday"
  • Buller Park"Buller Park"
  • Chasing the Moment"Chasing the Moment"
  • Consequence of Time"Consequence of Time"
  • Craig's Surprise"Craig's Surprise"
  • Eagles Nest"Eagles Nest"
  • Greeting the Dawn"Greeting the Dawn"
  • Highland Gold"Highland Gold"
  • Highland Mist"Highland Mist"
  • Hopetoun Falls Tranquillity"Hopetoun Falls Tranquillity"
  • Isolation"Isolation"
  • Morning at the Cathedral"Morning at the Cathedral"
  • Morning Intensity"Morning Intensity"
  • Mountain Bend"Mountain Bend"
  • On Razor's Edge"On Razor's Edge"
  • Poplars On River Bend"Poplars On River Bend"
  • Razorback"Razorback"
  • Reborn"Reborn"
  • Respledent Sands"Respledent Sands"
  • St Kilda Pier"St Kilda Pier"
  • Stirling Guardian"Stirling Guardian"
  • The Reward"The Reward"
  • Along the Razorback"Along the Razorback"
  • Altona Jetty"Altona Jetty"
  • Autumn Solitude"Autumn Solitude"
  • Autumn Tree"Autumn Tree"
  • Beaumaris Glow"Beaumaris Glow"
  • Cascades"Cascades"
  • City With Altitude"City With Altitude"
  • Corral Peak"Corral Peak"
  • Days of Fallen Snow"Days of Fallen Snow"
  • Docklands Delight"Docklands Delight"
  • First Light, Craig's Hut"First Light, Craig's Hut"
  • Gibsons Beach"Gibsons Beach"
  • Glow on Melbourne"Glow on Melbourne"
  • Guardians of Whiskey Bay"Guardians of Whiskey Bay"
  • Ladies Bath Falls Panorama"Ladies Bath Falls Panorama"
  • Last Warming Rays"Last Warming Rays"
  • Melbourne Flickers"Melbourne Flickers"
  • Melbourne From Above"Melbourne From Above"
  • Melbourne in Motion"Melbourne in Motion"
  • Melbourne's Yarra River"Melbourne's Yarra River"
  • Nascence Of Day"Nascence Of Day"
  • Night at the Mentone"Night at the Mentone"
  • No Better Place To Jump"No Better Place To Jump"
  • Olivers Hill Jetty"Olivers Hill Jetty"
  • Perfect Mirror"Perfect Mirror"
  • Pickerings Delight"Pickerings Delight"
  • Pretty Valley Mirror"Pretty Valley Mirror"
  • Princes of Port Melbourne"Princes of Port Melbourne"
  • Quiet On The Set"Quiet On The Set"
  • Ridge Runner"Ridge Runner"
  • Standout"Standout"
  • The Cathedral"The Cathedral"
  • The Heart of Melbourne"The Heart of Melbourne"
  • The Ladies Bath Falls"The Ladies Bath Falls"
  • The Matlock Tree"The Matlock Tree"
  • The Moods of St Kilda"The Moods of St Kilda"
  • The Rails of Middle Brighton"The Rails of Middle Brighton"
  • The Road Less Taken"The Road Less Taken"
  • The Sands of Croajingolong"The Sands of Croajingolong"
  • Thurra Dunes"Thurra Dunes"
  • Twilight Allure"Twilight Allure"
  • Wallace's Heritage"Wallace's Heritage"

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