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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer traditional Matte & Frame options?

Yes - We use professional photo finishers for all our work and have access to a wide range of Mattes and Frames. While we don't offer all of these additional services through our online gallery, they are available on request. Please Contact Us prior to making a purchase to discuss your specific need.

Why does the maximum size vary from image to image?

Although our more recent work has been photographed using high-end digital SLR and panoramic film cameras, it wasn't that long ago that the best & most expensive digital cameras where only 6mp or 8mp. While these cameras produced excellent images, their smaller megapixel count limits the enlargment size of an image. In order to maintain a consistant, high quality presentation throughout our images, we have set maximum image sizes based on the equipment and method of capture used.

What are the image sizes in metric & how big will they look on my wall?

Please see our Image Size Comparison for metric equivalents and room simulations.

The second measurement of the image size is not listed, why is that?

We try to work to standard image ratios, but there will always be slight variation that makes it impossible to list. This is because we compose our images to what suits the image's subject matter, rather than just some rudimentary size.

Are the image sizes listed the overall size of the finished product?

Yes - Quoted image size represents the longest side of the overall image as previewed and includes the decorative borders and mattes if selected. Frames however are in addition to the quoted size.

Are images available without the decorative mattes and borders?

Yes - Borderless Floating Acrylic is now an option in our gallery.

Are images available as Print Only & tube packed for delivery?

Yes. This option will be avilable in our gallery soon. Until then, please contact us prior to placing your order. 

Can I view the images larger in your web site?

Yes - Simply click an image and it will open in a larger view for you.

Can I view samples of the actual frames that you offer?

Yes, please see our Frame Mouldings page.

I want to use a frame that matches other frames in my home, but you don't display it. Can it be ordered for me?

While we can't guarantee that we can obtain the same frame, we will certainly try. In these cases it is best that you send us a photo of the frame prior to placing your order and we will do our very best to match it for you.

Do I need to order a frame?

No - Our Floating Acrylic Prints are mounted & ready to hang without frames.  All paper print prices include reverse mounting to optical acrylic, an aluminium backing and a subframe for hanging.  While perfectly suited to hanging without a frame, our acrylic mounts are frame ready should you want one. Please see About Our Mounts & Frames for more information.

I am not sure what frame will suit my room, can I order one later?

Yes - You are welcome to return your print to us later for framing, or simply visit your local frame shop and avoid freight charges... we don't mind either way.

I have my own image that I would like to get mounted on acrylic, can AustralianLight help?

Yes - We can process your image from RAW, fine tune your JPEGs and provide any print or framing option just as if it was one of our own.  Final print size and result will largely depend on the file supplied, so please contact us to discuss your image.

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