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Goodnight, Metropolis - Bernie Zajac

The sun transcends upon another evening before the traces of Brisbane's glistening metropolis skyline peacefully beckons. An army of city workers shuffle past in a somewhat customary yet chaotic routine as they retreat out of the urban jungle. If only they were to stop and give a moment of glance - as this is the river city at its prettiest. - Bernie


The Sunset Tree (617) - Russell Stewart

You may have seen this tree elsewhere in our gallery.... it's my favourite tree and if I happen to be passing around sunset, I just can't resist stopping to photograph it. - Russell


Money Floats - Russell Stewart

I had been watching he clouds all day, as they looked like they were going to make for a great sunset.

Unfortuately once again, the low cloud in the distance stopped the awesome display I had hoped for. Soon after the sun dipped below the horizon however, some lovely pastels appeared in the south over Versace Resort & the marina.

I would hate to add up the dollars floating here, but I would be safe in guessing that it's more money that I will ever see. - Russell


Sundale Sunset - Russell Stewart

The last shot of the day, before I join the steady stream of cars that are making their way home across the Sundale Bridge. I am not use to peak hour traffic, as I dont venture into the "big smoke" all too often these days. - Russell

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