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Our Most Recent Images - January 2013

Happy 2013 everyone :)

Now that Russ and Bernie have recovered from the exhausting chore of holidays, it's back to work for AusLight! Our lab is 100% back online now and we're gearing up for a busy year - plenty of new print releases, more informative blog posts, and growing to best suit our customer's needs. If there's anything you think we're missing or you'd love to see, please get in touch with Russ or myself.

As we've already announced our first image release for 2013 (Hopetoun Falls Tranquillity), we thought there would be no better time to provide a quick rundown on our other latest releases. So, it brings me pleasure to introduce the latest round of releases to you all!


Hopetoun Falls Tranquillity- Bernie Zajac

Hopetoun Falls - Great Otways National Park - Victoria

"Perhaps one of the most famous and picturesque waterfalls in Victoria, it's easy to be enticed and drawn in by the beauty and awe of Hopetoun Falls. Located within the Great Otway National Park, the Aire River twists and turns until it roars over this deep escarpment towards the valley floor - abundant with vibrant ferns and moss-covered rocks.

I arrived on a particularly miserable morning following a late Winter sunrise at the 12 Apostles and spent no time messing around, and even though I was in awe of the scene in front of me, I couldn't wait to strike open the camera shutter and capture the scene." - Bernie


Cabarita Twilight- Russell Stewart

Cabarita Beach, Northern New South Wales, Australia

"Once again a large stormed loomed in the west and robbed me of the chance to capture some glorious sunset light. Thankfully though, the pastel tones of twilight work pretty well also." - Russell


Guardians of Whiskey Bay- Bernie Zajac

Whiskey Bay - Wilsons Prom, Victoria

"Having spent the day hiking around the Tidal River region within Wilson Promontory, exploring the countless vistas and natural beauty of the surrounding beaches and environment, I decided to settle at this particular rocky outcrop just near Picnic Bay for sunset. A little out of the way and requiring a bit of rock hopping and clambering, I couldn't help but be drawn to the mammoth boulders that were basking in the golden afternoon light, surrounding the picturesque Whiskey Bay. If I'd known any less, I would've swore that I were in Tasmania shooting the Freycinet National Park!

It's not until I returned from my whirlwind trip of Wilsons Prom that I learnt that it was infact the southern most point of mainland Australia. Perhaps it's a combination of the exposure to the seas of the notoriously wild Bass Straight and the rugged coastline that make this region a wealth of amazing scenery. I will be back, no question about it!" - Bernie


Coolangatta Twilight- Russell Stewart

Coolangatta Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

"Coolangatta is one of my favourite areas on the Gold Coast, as it offers lovely protected beaches and a pace that is so much more relaxed than that of 'up the road'.

I was hoping for a lovely sunset when I set off to get this image, but sadly a large storm moved though to the west and then proceeded to taunt me with just the small gap on the horizon.... Had this gap been just a little further to the north, the clouds would have ingnited into amazing colour.

I'm still happy with the blue tones in this image all the same and will get that sunset next time!" - Russell


The Moods of St Kilda- Bernie Zajac

St Kilda Pier, Melbourne, Australia

"Not quite the conditions I had been hoping for this particular morning. The overcast sky and gusty winds, however, worked and blended together to paint the infamous St Kilda pier in a slightly more ominous mood. The blues in this shot are quite striking and give a lovely feel!" - Bernie


Beaumaris Glow- Bernie Zajac

Beaumaris, Port Philip Bay, Melbourne, Victoria

"My arrival on location couldn't have been more last-minute, clearly I'd misread the sunrise-time charts the night before, or perhaps I'd slept in a little too long. Had I arrived any later, I may have missed the striking glow on the horizon, lighting up Beaumaris Bay and this quirky old jetty right in front of my eyes. Luck was on my side it seems and the pre-sunrise glow seemed to slow, giving me just enough opportunity to set up & compose both cameras and capture this scene. Moments later, the last of the glow transformed its colours and intensity as the sun broke through the horizon.

Beaumaris Bay is one of only a handful of locations along the North-East of Port Philip Bay that offers sunrise over-the-bay vantage points. Its proximity to the centre of Melbourne itself makes it a desirable shooting destination too, however it's this weathered, rustic jetty that makes it all worthwhile." - Bernie


Melbourne Flickers- Bernie Zajac

Melbourne City Crown Casino Flame Show

"There's only a couple of weeks every year where sunset and dusk align perfectly with the first flames of this infamous flame-show -- a nightly spectacle that envelopes Melbourne and the Yarra River in amazing, fiery reflections. 

Luck had it that the weather played foul for several days prior, stochastic and almost as if it was plotting against me. Its relentless grip, however, loosened just in time to serve up a idylic evening with perfect conditions for this shot. I look forward to revisiting on many more occasions!" - Bernie


The Rails of Middle Brighton- Bernie Zajac

Middle Brighton Baths at sunrise on an overcast morning - Melbourne East, Victoria

"Upon receiving the film from this particular morning  back from the lab, I was instantly drawn to this shot and the vivid blues within. The polished blue tones eminate a sense of stillness -- a calm morning awaiting the sun's first rays.

The pier is complimented by the Middle Brighton Municipal Baths, opened in 1881, and are one of the only remaining caged open water sea baths in Australia." - Bernie

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