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Its not all about the landscape...

Yes, Landscape Photography is what we do here at AustralianLight, but both Bernie and I like photographic styles that extend past the landscape horizon.

Bernie for example, is an accomplished Architectural Photographer.  In my opinion, he has a natural ability to see strong elements of design within structures and he has the skills to highlight these in a graphically artistic manner.

Many people, when asked to take a photograph of a building, would return with simply that… a photograph of a building.  Bernie however, will generally return with a photograph that reflects the "art" within the building and it's design. It is this that makes him so popular with Developers and Architects alike.

architecture cityscape

The ability to see design, shape or form within objects is not something that we all naturally possess, nor is it something that can be taught to everyone.

architecture cityscape


architecture cityscape

In fact recent studies have shown that our initial perception of what we see varies dramatically and it is how we are "hard wired" that generally points us in one direction or another visually.

Myself…. well, I tend to see textures and the play of light before I see anything else. Often I will catch a glimpse of light falling on area, perhaps it's light creating shadows from trees or textures in grass for example.  I instantly see this as an image that I have to stop and photograph.  But all too often, once I am trying make a real composition, the "glimpse image" in my head gives way to the sad realisation that there is no image to be captured after all.

Thankfully though, this is not always the case.

For example… Last weekend I found myself passing through a small town near the Qld. NSW border. As I past by an old shed beside the road, my head was flooded with "glimpse images" of it's texture and tone.

old barn shed

I knew from the very first glimpse, that I would not create these images as regular, unaltered images, but as "grunge" images to emphasise or even exaggerate the features.

old barn shed


old barn shed

While Grunge is a style not to everyone's liking, it is a style that I personally love and if I find the landscape lacking, I will be looking for elements within it that could be used in this style.

So there we are… it's not all about the landscape for us, as there are other subjects and styles that Bernie and I enjoy and we would love to know if you enjoy them also.

Do they have a place in the AustralianLight gallery? We welcome your Feedback 

Cheers Russell 

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